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Business + Family Immigration

Cameron Law, PLLC

The U.S. immigration system is overburdened and complex. I understand the immigration process can be fairly straightforward for some, and incredibly challenging for others.


I help people, and businesses, strategize the best immigration options for their family members and employees.

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Delays & Complicationsnd 

  • Appeals

  • Mandamus

  • Notice of Intent to Deny

  • Requests for Evidence

Individual Immigration

  • VAWA Petitions

  • U Visas

  • Family Sponsored Petitions

  • Naturalization

Employment-Based Immigration

  • J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa

  • J-1 Program Launch for large organizations

  • H-1B Employment Visa

  • R-1 Religious Visa

family immigration emloyment based immigration

Client Reviews

"Excellent lawyer, very professional and responsible. Thank you for your dedication and commitment in my case, the results were extraordinary I feel very grateful for all your performance and support.
God bless you." - Lissi

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